Friday, 14 October 2011

Majlis Penerangan Perdana Negeri Perak

It's a beautiful Saturday.. The sun light making its way through the leaves and branches.. Magnificient beam.. The roads are crowded with cars, trucks, bikers and pedestrian.. Where are they going to.. Same destiny as mine.. To Dewan Jubli Perak.. The biggest hall in Perak (as the deputy minister told us)... Well i have a good feeling on this... RELAs spotted along the road to the humungous hall.. Found my bestfriend, Miss Cutie Aini with her dazzling n sparkling pink wide beaded scarf... Well-pinned with a stunning shining floral brooch. Pure traditional n natural smile... Went into the virgin hall (never been touched b4 dis)... Nice! Spectacular! Fantastic! Bombastic! Yuhuu.. Cant wait to have an unforgetable wedding here.. Hihihi..
Then i saw thousands people rustled in with well-dressed of Malaysian Batik and eye-catching accessories.. Very good personality of goverment people.. That's way i love this job...
Then the ceremony has been started...

I bet my beloved sister OmbakBaik was having a very good moment with her family or her hubby especially.. Grrrr.. Hehe.. Luv u kak ilya..

There were so many 'big' people conveyed speech b4 my MB PERAK. While waiting for Dr Zambry to give his speech, we were chatting merrily each other n eating Keropok Ikan Segera Cap Pinggan dn Keropok produced by Wan Hasmah Tumpat Enterprise, Kelantan. 097256139... Juz bought from the shop nearby Masjid Ridzwaniah...

Well.. How hard they've tried to brainwash me about election, parties and whatsoever... I do love my country very much... I will do anything for my country and serve it as long as i could.. Love Malaysia! 1Malaysia!


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